Monday, 26 April 2010


DV8 has some very awesome deals right now.
The Bad Poetry outfit can be found in the lucky chairs in one color and the 7Seas fishing in another color. There are tons of options to this outfit which is always a plus.
The matching boots and tanks have been set out for sale at their normal low price.
The accessories (including arm bands, choker, and two styles of hair!) can be won in the riot vend for as low as 25L. I am in love with this hair so yay!
Right now there are also a few sets that are limited edition for sale and only 27 are available of each so if you want one of those colors act fast! All the accessory sets will be gone for good on midnight SLT 5-3-10 so hurry if you want them!
Poses by Estetica
All Clothing by DV8
Skin by Violent Seduction (only 200L per skin and 500L for the fat pack!)

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