Sunday, 11 April 2010

Ray Skin Sends You Out To Play

Hello My Freestyle Girlies! I haven't been posting much over here because I'm busy being all giant and pregnant and barely maintaining my other blogging gigs. But since I've only got a few days before the arrival of baby #4 I thought I'd bring you one last set of goodies (before I'm all babyriffic for a while) from one of my favie spots to find freebies and dollarbies that are uber fun!

For a mere linden you get the parka style top/sweater vest and the capri jeans with festive girly ruffle at the knee. Plus, Ray Skin is CHOCKED with other dollarbies and lucky boards!

The top also comes with several hood options and sweaters.

There is also an entire cart of swimsuits each one linden - I blogged a couple of them over at my regular Gig here. I am too lazy to repost. You still love me right? But the swimsuits are total win, you'll dig them if you didn't pick them up yet.

And just because I realized recently that I didn't share this with my favorite group of girls that love Free friend Hybrid Ansar of Hourglass Shapes and I are having a great big giant SL to RL baby contest. No purchase necessary. Void Where Prohibited. (kidding).

The details are here on this post and the prize cache has actually grown SINCE we posted this list I think. Feel free to play if you are inclined. It's all for fun!

Now - The Fashion Details

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