Sunday, 11 April 2010

boys boys boys

lelutka group gift hair, fatpack
ironic birds gift skin, 1L. Thank you to Izzy Bereznyak of PDA/arcade for plurking it awhile back!
jacket: Muism racing jacket, KMadd free wall (Alan blogged this and didn't show me, piggg I wanted it). Inner shirt/hoodie, jeans: MADesigns, get all these from the KMadd gifts. Jump in the pond and follow the red beam.
shoes: Kalnins MHO gift (took like half an hour to find these even with the hint. Bigger hint: It's REALLY in the corner! need some good camming skills!) Thank you to Kalnins for the beautiful gift shoes!

lelutka group gift hair, fatpack in notices
skin: Endlix lucky board, I blogged this a long time back.
Grasp wristband, cross piercings and star muffler, group gifts
luck inc finger tapes, dollarbie.
jeans: KMadd gifts, by *FIR*
Denim shirt: umm Gabriel, was 1L, not available any more but they have a new gift shirt!
shoes: Maschienenwerkz uhh i can't seem to tp there right now! I think it's gone :'(

Poses: All poses by Dove Swanson from the LAP Male AO. She makes some of my favorite poses ever!

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