Friday, 26 March 2010

Tuft Mega Sale and Cute Boots For Cheap!

My pal Jemima is having a massive sale right now at her store Tuft. Everything by Tuft is currently 5L-15L (not to mention the freebies and MM boards!) and everything by the Heartless Homes brands is 50% off (meaning from around 10L-50L for most things!)The store has clothing, skins, furniture, skyboxes, and my fave the photo boxes!
I am showing just a few of the photo boxes here but there are TONS for every occasion you could want. I think I have all of them now but I should check to make sure, haha.
Most sets also include built in poses, which is great for people like me who are too lazy to sort through poses :PThe boots I am wearing throughout are from DV8. This color is 50% off through 10am SLT tomorrow (3-27-10) and there are other colors as group gifts and a super cheap set of two colors in the riot vend. Go get them!

Worn and Used:
Skyboxes and Photo Boxes: Tuft and Heartless Homes, entire store 1L-50L
Boots: DV8, 50% until tomorrow (other colors available for free and cheap)
Skin: Mango, Mango!. 1L (Spring Bazaar hunt items, starts on the 28th)
Hair: Sixty-Nine, not free
Dress: Tuft, 10L


HarleyQuinn Constantine said...

Yeah...:D Love +DV8+ Stuff

Sileny said...

\o/ DV8 FTW! Always cute things for super cheap too!

Casia Serpente said...

jemmie + sileny = 2 of my favorite peeps :)

Sileny said...

yay! Now add a Casia to that equation and we'll have major win!