Thursday, 25 March 2010

Imabee Wandering at Yomeshoujo

Found some fun things at Yomeshoujo, Wanderer the Wind and Imabee for free! First check the group notices of Yomeshoujo and you can grab a pack of cute, colorful tank tops, one of which is shown here. The skin is a group gift from Imabee in store.For more cute, free tanks check out Wanderer the Wind inside the Trenza location of Nenashigusa Nest. They are in a cute box next to the table with all the freebies and cheapies on it (the hair clips were freebies too!) The skin is ANOTHER group gift from Imabee! Apparently this is the group to join! LOLAlso if you have the Nenashigusa Nest group tag you can do a 20 minute item camp for this awesome spider lingerie set, complete with sexy mask!
All Skins: Imabee, group gifts
Hair: I Love Olive, new release (not free)
Tank In Pic. 1: Yomeshoujo, group gift in notices
Tanks In Pic.2 and Hair Clips: Wanderer the Wind, free (upstairs)
Lingerie w/Mask: Wanderer the Wind, Nenashigusa Nest group only item camp (20 minutes)

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