Thursday, 11 March 2010


I had never been to R.ichielli before and I love finding new places.  They have wonderful high-fashion styles that are easy to wear and perfectly textured.  The the Barbbara dress in lime is free for a limited time. It is not in a box out front, darlings.  When you enter the store, turn right and keep turning right until you reach the last room.  It is on the regular rack with the other lovely colors.
Also, Baby Monkey is discontinuing all older versions of Ultimate shoes and has priced them at 10 L.  There are oodles to pick from so get over there!  New group gift in archives too!  When you arrive at the store the shoes on sale are to your right in the room where the Ultimates Lucky Chair is (not the one when you first enter the store).

There is also a fantastic body suit in the R.ichielli group archives that shouldn't be missed!
Picture 1:
Dress: R.ichielli: Barbbara - lime: 0 L
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Ultimate Bebop: Woven Limeade: 10 L
Picture 2:
Bodysuit: R.ichielli Lucianna - yellow journal: group gift
Skirt: R.ichielli: Anto high waist skirt: black titanium: not free
Necklace: Rozoregalia: Hydra Necklace: not free, but I am never taking it off!  (Thanks, Jessika!)
Hair: Exile: Laya: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Allure - Jelly Cameo: not free

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