Thursday, 11 March 2010

Happy Finds!

I feel a bit like it's "Free*Eden" here at Free*Style today but this dress is free for a very limited time so I figured I better suck it up and show it. Another amazing outfit by AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur at Happy Finds.
Outfit: Happy Finds: Red Sunglasses: Free for a very limited time!
Necklace: Happy Finds: Golden Mary: not free
Shoes: AlexanderHunter's Couture: Free hunt item at the Accessory Fair
Hair: DP Yumyum: Barberyumyum 16: not free
Skin: Tres Blah: Arctic Spill: not free, exclusive at melt (you really need to go there and buy everything!)


Sileny said...

See I knew that outfit would look awesome on you! And that skin looks faaaaab!

Eden Knoller said...

TY SIleny.. I do <3 it and anything else she makes.

silver milneaux said...

great outfit! the denim wedges go really well, i tried them on but idk how to match them haha. no free*eden is a good thing, the more posts the better. I needed that tip about happy finds because I always miss out on her dresses haha and i was gonna say thanks for posting the limegreen dress below!

yess the melt skins are so pretty

silver milneaux said...

oh ya Eden, I think the sunglasses dress is free forever yay! :) it's meant to be a noob gift. idk if you're in the group but she says it's the last non-group free thing and will be in the store forever.

Eden Knoller said...

OOO TY SIlver. Sileny mentioned it but so often her things are gone fast so I figured I better put the rush on!