Friday, 12 March 2010

Purple Because I Don't Know What Else To Call This Post

Baiastice's Discount Store (I don't know if that is the real name but it's what I call it) has been recently restocked with lots of outfits that were previously full-priced.  This is a nice chance to pick up some of the finest designer work on the grid at a steep discount.  There were many items priced at less than 100L, even 50 L.
Baisatice: Saturday - Violet: 100 L

The new boots in the lucky chair at Auma go perfectly with my outfit.  The chair has a 10 minute timer and is moving quickly at the moment with lots of Lucky Chair Stalkers hanging out!
Auma: Wrinkled Knee-Boots: Lucky Chair prize

Tic-Toc has 2 very nice skins as group gifts right now.  The lilac makeup helps me to look super-matchy (like my mom in RL).
Skin: Tic-Toc: Leila: Pale Lilac: Group Gift
Flower: Tic-Toc: Cherry Blossom: not free
Hair: Maitreya: Milla: not free

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