Friday, 12 March 2010

Kuri Style Newness III

Phew! Last post before Clothing Fair!  My eyes are blurry and I need to get out of my photosphere and into RL.  I couldn't stop, though, until I showed you the new releases from Kuri Style.  In my opinion, few are able to pull together unusual color combinations like Kuri Karas can.  As always, one color of her new releases are only 2 L for a limited time.  Own them! Be them!
Kuri Style: Supple Heart - Red: 2 L for limited time
Kuri Style: Chase a Dream - Black: 2 L for limited time

Other Credits:
Skin: Cupcakes: Mystery Skin 3/10 - Pale: only 50 L
Hair: AY.Line: Jasmine: not free

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