Sunday, 14 February 2010

Waiting for the rainbow to come*

Today is another cute day in SL. I have a lot of fun, well...ok, I have to stydy in RL but that's not the point! ^^
I absolutely want you to runrunrunrun to *M* and catch that wonderfull bear, that you can wear or put somewhere in your house (maybe on the bed, or on the sofa...dunno). *M* is one of the most cool place for buy hug animals! I love a lot of the stuff in that store, and I love that there are always gift in group and lucky board prizeeee!
When I login today I have a lot of group notices and of course the classical "too many blah blah blah delivery capped" - hate that. One of this was from one of the cutiest store of furniture I recently found: bitter vanilla! I open the attachment and go to the store...near there I found that cutie other store that have some freebie things and another that I'm not posting here ^^
One of the freebies are those 2 color dress, that you can found in a box. I absolutely fall in love with those, so simple but MUST HAVE items! SO I hope you'll have fun!

Dresses (yellow and green) --> *.:[K]:.* relax wear (green & yellow) Gift
Bear --> *M*gift bear brown (there is even the bloody bear version as a gift in group notices!)


Sileny said...

great find!

Bunnie said...

The brunette hair on the model in the green dress, where is that from? Great finds, super cute :D

Sileny said...

I think the hair is from Truth Bunnie :D

anatoliy said...

cute skin, where is that from?

okrebecca said...

adorableness x 100. i see the relax wear in blue though, not green or yellow. has the gift been switched out or am i missing something? thanks!

Mijn Seoung said...

ty all!!! and ty again for alls weetie words*
Bunnie, this great hair ar efrom truth! are sooo soooo lovely!! and anatoliy, the skin is from MY UGLYDOROTHY.. XD