Monday, 4 January 2010

you are the clouds in my sky

still available: Mischief Fashions group gift baggy socks, fatpack. everything else not free!

Okay so here's my favorite freebie of 2009 post, heh, dedicated to Sileny!

It was horribly hard to decide, but it's got to be these Bower Bird subscribo gift black lace tights. They are unavailable now, I'm so sorry haha. I feel like killing people whenever they tell me "OH MY TIGHTS were free but the shop is closed now". I love tights! I'm really sad that Bower Bird closed.

I also think that this set of Mischief Fashions group gift baggy socks that were blogged by Mijn here, are the BEST socks ever. Ever! and they're freee! Thank you so much, Janie Marlowe!

Here's a pose I bought from S.LOVES, from the Claire pose pack - I've been to her store to collect dollarbies since I was a noob. Anyway I REALLY love this pose because it's like a tiny jump and it's so happy! Next to the current Gabrielle dollarbie instore, there's also the Mina pose pack, set for 4L! 1L per pose.

Can you please notice the 50 flats "smokin shoes" as coined by Tomoyo haha. The name seriously makes me laugh. Anyway I know I'm extremely over-wearing them but I needed flats for these socks, and please notice the moustaches on the shoes and how the moustaches are smoking the cigarette on one side. omg I laughed damn hard. Only 2 days of Designers United 3 left to get them!

The Exile hair in champagne was chosen by my favorite boy, sorry we quarrelled, hugs you. :( the hair textures are super realistic. I never demoed Exile til he suggested, the hair is beautiful! And of course my gorgeous &Bean Pillow 7 Tan skin, last and most amazing skin buy of 2009. I love you long time!

Free*Style seriously rocks, and how the bloggers are REALLYDAMN freaking nice to each other. I'm really happy to be a part of F*S. ILU ALL!!!! *sings you are my sunshine for sileny*


Suri Christen said...

My pose looks cooler on you than on me. For realssssss <3

Sileny said...

AWW I'm someone's sunshine \o/ Made my day!