Monday, 4 January 2010


Gabriella, the name of my latest pose collection is finally completed! Throughout the month of December I have been exceptionally lazy (on SL) while I sit back and watch all of you do some hard work while I enjoy a cup of tea watch X Factor!

As usual there is a dollarbie from this set just so you can have a little taster of the collection, here it is!


There are 15 BOXES set out by the vendor. These are FATPACKS of this collection sold at $100L only. There are just 15 BOXES sold at $100L; the rest is $40L each pose or $300L for the fatpack!

Check out the rest of it here:


Have a great day!
Suri, xoxo


Lorelei said...

cool poses as usual suri!

but come on, freestyle is about free or dollarbie stuff, why are you also advertising your full price stuff here?

silver milneaux said...

Nope, free*style is about free, dollarbies, sales AND retail price items. That's why when bloggers show free items from a store, they try to also show full priced items that they happened to buy.

did you read the part about Suri's dollarbie item, as well as her 15 boxes of 100L offer? I just went, there are still some boxes left! Yeah, I don't see that as full-price to me :/

Half the point of freestyle is encouraging everyone to buy full-priced items. Freebie culture isn't about just living off free items in SL. Designers give out freebies to show the public the quality of their work. If we all just grab freebies and never buy anything, how do people pay their rent and texture uploads? I think that's why a lot of good stores close down.

Suri Christen said...

Thanks Silver for having my back!
I think it's near impossible to match things you obtain in SL without throwing in the odd regular priced items in there as well.

While I am glad you like my poses, I think it's rather unfair to say regular priced items are NOT allowed to be advertised here. As long as they are tagged with some freebies, I think it's okay!

There are plenty of freebies in my store, sand writing, couple poses, single poses... maybe if you go there you will actually see what I mean ;-)

Lorelei said...

I totally agree with you silver! i didn't mean anything bad by my first comment. i always appreciate it when designers sell something for 0 or 1L and, if I like that sale item, I go back and look at the whole store and usually buy a lot more stuff!! so it's always great!

and yeah, I saw that suri had a dollarbie too. I was just worried that it went against the freestyle group rules of only listing free and 1L stuff.

sorry if it sounded like I was ungrateful about what designers do for us :(

I totally appreciate and thankful for all designers for all their hard work.

silver milneaux said...

hi lorelei! :D

yay, I love designers too, haha. anw i'm really glad it was all just a kind of misunderstanding! I went and looked at the freestyle group rules here:
and it said Only send notices about FREE or 1L items in your store, you are welcome to show your full price items in this notecard as long as the FREE/1L INFO AT THE TOP OF THE NOTICE. so I think it's generally acceptable to show both :)