Friday, 15 January 2010

This One Is Safe For Your Virgin Eyes.

I somehow managed to convince my sexy roommate's alt to go to Honeymoon Falls with me. I drugged him and forged his signature on some legal documents and now we are legally married. (In my imagination.)Ah yes, he's hot. But I think I'm still pretty cute on my own in this fun dollarbie from Aqua.
Blue Retro Print Outfits: Aqua, 10L each
Red Dress: Aqua, 1L
Female Hair: Flavor! Designs, Heat Wave Hunt gift (one of six styles for men and women)
Rosary Necklace: Flavor! Designs, SAAH gift for females
Heels: Maitreya, not free
Poses: Long Awkward Pose, not free
Male Hair: Bryce, not free
Male Skin: Belleza, not free
Female Skin: Cupcakes, not free


Jeriel said...

You drugged me?! Is that why I have a ring on my finger and a hickey on my...

Oh man.


persontypething said...

You only have to REALLY worry if you wake up with a big scar across your lower back and are advised to only drink water for a few days until your body adjusts lol....Thanks Sileny for showing off AQUA"s new offers in such a great setting! luv, elfie xx

silver milneaux said...

omg lol sileny i laughed so hard at the title.

ooh i like the second dress esp, want. and you look especially pretty in this particular skin+shape!