Friday, 15 January 2010

first day with you

on Jokwon
glasses: Sera Korea (sculpted prim glasses, awesome leopard print and fatpack there!) There's a lot of pretty things at Sera Korea free store, worth a trip.
anchor choker: Yabusaka fishing prize (omg it took like two days to fish for all the prizes, but SO worth it!)
shirt and jeans: Maschienenwerk is a free store that has a ton of men's and unisex items! The items are really good quality, similar to gnubie store except that everything is 0L. Great place. Thanks to RBK who told Nova who told Ashlee who shared it with me lol! (Check out Ashy's post!)
Engineer boots, studded cuff, studded belt+pouch: free and 1L from Edge Grafica

on me
W&Y has like TEN free hairs for Peppermint Blue. The hairs are beautiful and really flattering, W&Y was the first place that I bought a ton of hair from.(I bought like 35 hairs during their sale.) The 1L hairs at Peppermint Blue come in four colors! direct LM to the hairs
Death by Bows dress: 1L at TazzMania until end of January, quick get it! Other colors are only 40L. I am in love with this dress (It's pink and has ribbons, what's not to like!)
Armwarmers: 30L from TazzMania
Striped socks/fishnets: free from Edge Grafica
Converse shoes: fatpack from Maschienenwerk, free!

on me
Check out these INCREDIBLE leggings from Duboo WOOT! NEWREEM WAFFLE ROCKSSSSS. She has given out these gift leggings (We are the world) in her subscribo. I spotted these on Elfreda Quar and she kindly shared with me where they're from. Thanks so much :D

Hat with hair: 1L from W&Y
face plaster: Sera Korea (too cute!)
Orange armwarmers, TazzMania
Black long tee and camera: Sera Korea free store, please note that I made a copy of the right arm prim and attached it to my pelvis to make the bottom part of the sculpted tee lol!

on Jokwon
lipstick kiss: from Sera Korea
mohawk: Black Maria, was free from hair fair 09
armband: Yabusaka Winter Choice prize
anchor necklace in gold: Yabusaka fishing prize (this fishes reasonably easily, the anchor choker is the killer one)
studded belt and waist bag: Edge Grafica
tattoo: free from Aussie Ink, there are three free tatts on the second floor. Prices are 100 for a back/side tatt, and if you buy on xstreet, it's 80L as a special offer! Good quality tatts, I'm wearing them constantly. view their xstreet page here
both converses: Maschienenwerk

on Jokwon:
knit hat with hair: Maschienenwerk (the textures are much nicer up close)
anchor necklace in gold, Yabusaka fishing prize
leather jacket: free fromMaschienenwerk
caution tape belt (I love this!) 30L from Rock Candy
checkered pants, copied from Ashlee here: Rock Candy, 1L.
black suitcase from Izumiya: super generous present from Azia Lunasea when I was damn sad that I couldn't get it from the gacha haha. 20L per play
shoes: Picnic oxfords! winter choice prize. lovely shoes!

on Xing:
plaid scarf and engineer boots: Edge Grafica
Black peacoat and rust jeans: Maschienenwerk (what a find! this is such a good coat!)
Brown vintage bag (whoa the detail is insane) Sera Korea
hat and hair: MADesigns, not free but very nice!

this was a five hour post, haha. I'm tired, and unhappy with the last picture heh. The last one took the longest, I found it super difficult to style. hope you liked the post :)


Cmoney said...

Wow, Silver, great photographs and great write-ups. Thank you. I was kind of expecting some bewb shots but apparently recent FS posts were not heralding a trend. Outstanding, as always, nevertheless!

Milkpea said...

the lm for peppermint blue isn't working, when you rezz you fall through the floor

Cmoney said...

A SLurl that works for Peppermint Blue is The one in Sliver's post puts you below the floor, as Milpea discovered.