Sunday, 24 January 2010

Queen of Eternity

Red Queen has a new 1L hair in store for their group members. I am really loving it. Any hair that covers one eye has my heart a bit since I sort of have an unhealthy love for Jessica Rabbit. Heh. The skin is a group gift from .:o0oEternityo0o:., one of many for males and female you can find in the notices.
Red Queen Eternity Gifts 1
Speaking of notices, this hair from Red Queen, which I blogged previously, is still in the group notices last I checked! I think it works well with the freebie skin from .:o0oEternityo0o:. (which is free in store for all.) Make sure to wander around .:o0oEternityo0o:. because there are freebies and lucky boards for male and female. Finally some man love too! Oh! And the scarves were made by Alexx for her contribution to the Shoes and Accessories hunt in her Shape It Up! location (Yep, I am not the only creator at Shape It Up! Alexx is the cuter and more cool of the two of us ;D)
Red Queen Eternity Gift 2
OK! Hope you only these finds and many kisses to Tesh!!
Skin1: Eternity, group gift in notices
Skin2: Eternity, free in store
Hair1: Red Queen, 1L for group members in store
Hair2: Red Queen, group gift in notices
Scarves: Shape It Up!, SAH gift
Eyes: Curio, not free


Nereisse Aluveaux said...

That Eternity skin looks a lot like a previous lucky skin gift from My Ugly Dorothy, Emma Pure. The lips and smudged eyemakeup is almost alike. Did they rebrand or something?

Nereisse Aluveaux said...

*lucky chair skin gift*

Alexx Usbourne said...

Nah, you're cuter & way cooler, and MUCH more talented than I! :) <3 you!

Sileny said...

No, UglyDorothy is still around. I know the lips are on the internet to be bought full perm for skin maker's use so that is probably where they got them from.

Tesh said...

Hey Sileny - you make Jessica Rabbit look like a frumpy ol' lady! Plus that green hair is way cooler. . .

Sileny said...

xD Thanks Tesh!!