Monday, 7 December 2009

Can't Wait 4 New Computer

So I took a ton of pics of awesome outfits and realized afterward that I am having massive sculpt rez issues :( So...while looking at these pics just imagine that the sculpted bits are smooth and awesome :P I shall be getting my new computer for Christmas and will be filled with joy and awesome graphics. Anyway...moving on to the goods!!

Pop Feel has this super cute reindeer outfit that you can get for only a 30 minute item camp. It's so fun, almost like a cave woman look, hehe. There is also an item camp for a Santa-inspired dress as well. The hair in this picture, as well as in all of the pictures, is a freebie from Yuna's. I had been there before for the fun foodie freebies and cheapies they had and didn't pay attention to the awesome hair until now!Reindeer Outfit: Pop Feel, 30 minute item camp
Hair: Yuna's, lucky board exclusive prize
Snow Men: Umi Usagi, lucky board prize
Skin: B. Bodenhall, not free
Eyes: Umi Usagi, lucky board prize

If you are in the Pop Feel group you can also grab this red faux fur jacket! I am a sucker for a faux fur in RL and SL so extra yay on this one.Jacket: Pop Feel, group gift
Hair: Yuna's, 30 minute item camp OR 10L random vendor prize

Back to item camping now. If you are in the Umi usagi group you can item camp for this fun outfit. The textures on the skirt are great, you have to see them for yourself!Outfit: Umi Usagi, group only 20 minute item camp

The outfit is really versatile and more than worth the group slot and twenty minute camp.
Outfit: Umi Usagi, 20 minute item camp
Hair: Yuna's, lucky board prize

-There are different freebie options at both Yuna's stores, so make sure to take the corect slurl if you want a specific hair shown
-There is only one item camp per prize at Pop Feel so if someone is waiting ahead of you don't be a douche and take it from them. We learned about taking turns when we were toddlers so I know you know how.