Monday, 7 December 2009

beautiful free boots from Deviance

These beautiful boots were kindly shared in a notice to the LCS group by Serenity Cale! Thank you so much for sharing them with us <3 Deviance was really, really generous in giving out a free color of their latest release boot! The latest release is just 300L and changes colors to match every one of Deviance's holiday outfits. A whole fatpack of colors for 300L! I try not to make impulse purchases, so I wasn't sure if I should get the boots at first, but wearing this boot gift has convinced me to go back and get the beautiful color-changing ones!

You can get the boots and matching hat in this color here :) thank you, Deviance, these boots are STUNNING.

Jewelled belt: Kunstkammer 50L friday item
White sweater dress: FREEE. Includes a shorter version for men, too! Picks reward gift from E! Apparel by Eclectic Wingtips. Add E! Apparel to your picks, then come back the next day and get your gift! More about this wondrous sweater next post.

P.S. if she sees this, can the super stylish girl who helped me with the SAIKIN sculpted belt and the Kao gacha knit hat comment/IM me, please? I crashed, I lost my IMs and your name and I really want to credit you :( sorry I'm dumb!

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