Saturday 22 August 2009

The List-Under 30 Days Avatar Resources-Saturday August 22th

The List is out a bit late this week, I've been having issues with Blogger, but I managed to finally get on. This will be the last week that I'll be posting the full list on Free*style, it's starting to get super long, so what I'm going to do is post the updates every week, and have a masterlist hosted on a new blog, dedicated to this program. I'll have a link to the new blog next week with the update.

This list is of specially scripted vendors for use of new avatars. It detects if they are under 30 days, allowing the new resident to obtain the goods. There will also be vouchers for under 30 day avatars included in the list. Anything that is an item where a new resident would have to pay is for now not included. This list is in assumption that the new resident does not have any lindens on their account.

New Residents-Simply Click on the Name of the store you wish to go to, it'll bring up a Slurl, a sl map point, that will allow you direct teleport to the Store.

I'm going to colour code the list, for easy reference

Male Items-Blue
Female Items-Red
Unisex Items-Green


Imagen-one Male and one Female Pack
Diversity-one Female Pack(you'll find it in the skin room)
Schismphrenic-Male and Female Skins in same pack
Tea Lane-one Female Pack


Creations-2 for Males and 2 for Females


Diversity Hair-Under 30 Days Hair Voucher(walk into the store, and a pop-up will show in the upper right hand of your screen that is blue. One of the buttons says voucher, click that)-Unisex
Discord Designs-Hairpacks with various colours, one for Males and one for Females
Girl6-Under 30 Days Hair Voucher(On the welcome wall when you walk in, big sign)-Unisex
Indulge Skins-Under 30 Days Hair Voucher(walk into the store, and a pop-up will show in the upper right hand of your screen that is blue. Click the right option)-Unisex

Eyes-none found to this date


[LAP]-one for Males and one for Females

Poses-none found to this date


Apple May Designs-Womens Wear-There is alot here
Evie's Closet-Womens Wear-Gowns
Silent Sparrow-Womens and Unisex Outfits-A few in the package
Urban Dysfunction-Womens Wear
Venus-Womens Clothing
Trixxy's-Mens and Womens Clothing
Elymode-Womens Clothing
Frop-Mens Clothing(60 Days and Under)


Duh! -Unisex Sneakers-Check out the Kit~Free*Style Post~The Nooblet Adventures-Duh!


Twisted Silver-Female Jewelry


Twisted Silver


Haven Designs-one kit for Males and one kit for Females
Trubble-Female Kit
Sn@tch -Female Kit
Elate-Female Kit -Check out the Kit~Free*Style Post~The Nooblet Adventures-Elate!
-Female Kit
B&T Fashions-Female Kit
Venus-Female Kit
Body Doubles- one kit for Males and one kit for Females
Spork-Female Kit-Check out the Kit~Free*Style Post~The Nooblet Adventures-Spork
B&T Atelier
-Female Kit
C&J's Boutique-Female Kit
Dawn Designs-one kit for Males and one kit for Females
Gotcha Designs-one kit for Males and one kit for Females
Peebox-one kit for Males and one kit for Females
WhoNose-one kit for Males and one kit for Females
Silk&Satyr-one kit for Males and one kit for Females
Heaven's Designs-one kit for Males and one kit for Females
Frop-Female Kit(60 Days and Under)

Whole Welcome Areas

PopFuzz-Eyes, Skins and Clothing for Women

Other Time Frames

14 days old-Slash-one kit for Males and one kit for Females

Designers-I've got more to add, people have been sending me things all weekend. I'm going to log on to my alt, and start going around. I'll get you all on the list, so no worries. I also managed to lose some of my list dude to the sl monster eating my notecard. So if I said you'd be on the list, and you are not, please just send me the info again. Sorry!

If you want on the list, please send me a notecard with info(Helena Stringer is my name). Also if your a Store Owner, and would like a scripted vendor, that gives items to under 30 day avatars(items you make and fill it with), please read this post for more info: Caught me a NOOB!

I finally have the list inworld, in a box, near my front desk, ermmmm, coffin.

Free*Style Readers-You have a fav store that has a under 30 days vendor? you want it on the list? Please send me either a notecard with the info, or simply write it in the comment box here!

This project is mainly for Under 30 days vouchers and vendors, but I've been getting alot of info on places that have many resources free for new residents. I've added a few of these to the bottom of the list, that way the info is still there, for the taking, but everyone can enjoy those places!

I'm going to also take pics of every item, set them in posts, and link the posts back to the Stores on this page.

So go find a noob, share the love, make them look all snazzy, all you have to do now is give them a link.

Are you a fan of Free*Style? do you have your Web space on your profile blank? stick us in there! You are not really using it anyways, and you all know how much you get profile stalked.

Great Strater Places-Places all avatars can enjoy

Free*Style HeadQuaters-
Free*Style on Horst-
Free*Style on Kali Isle-
Free*Style on Ravens Requiem-

Savoir Hair-
FabFree Headquarters-
Love/Hate Headquarters-


Light Claven said...

OMG! Thank you, Helena. These packeges help'd me alot, I'm totally going to link this Post on my SL Profile. And once again, Thank you.

Helena Stringer said...

your very welcome, and I'm glad you were able to find some when you were so young, I was not so lucky, hehe

Helena Stringer said...

My altie is tho! having some fun adventures with her

Kirahfaye said...

You are a dear, Helena! Because of your post and vendor offer, I've completely rethought my freebie offers to new players since I can now be sure it will only go to true newbs under 30 days.

Giana Paine said...
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Giana Paine said...

OMG!! This is great! We need to get the word across to all the noobs! And it makes me think I should also make a voucher for the 30days under noobs. I remember how excited I was when I got my first hair from Girl6! It was a voucher and it was very long and blonde!! So thanks very much I shall make something soon^_^!!

Fran said...

Sweeter than candy has newbie packs, I'm pretty sure they're or 30days and under :)

Helena Stringer said...

thanks everyone, I'm very excited with all the feedback I've been getting about this.

I'm glad for all the desigenrs wanting to participate, I'm gald for all the people giving me tips on places to go, and I'm happy if this helps someone out there!

Miu Elfan said...

Great job Helena!
A really great list, this is really helpful <3

ukscrapper said...

What a great idea this section is - On my wanderings, I've noticed that Elate have a 30 days and under package, which I assume is for clothing and also Fleur (skins)have one for both men and women (shape and skin)... hope that helps, maybe you'd like to look into that and add the slurl's etc : - )

Unknown said...

Hi Helena! Thanks so much for these links, they are wonderful and have helped me tremendously! The link for Sn@tch comes up as an email addy, and when I go to the main store, I don't see a box for new avatars. Is it maybe at a different store? I see that they have many. Thanks!

Helena Stringer said...

Lily, ya Sn@tch hasn't been friendly with me on this blog as of late, my normal trick to get it on there properly isn't working, and yes it is at their mainstore, it's on Snatch City, so search the map, not in actual Search, or look up Ivey's Profile, it's linked in her picks(Ivey Deschanel)

Unknown said...

Thank you for such a useful resource! I'll be setting up a link to this from my Newbie Page.

Sileny said...

Heavens shape has a newb skin for under 30 days for male and female! woot!

Laura Deerfield said...

Savoir faire has a new avatar dollarbie shape pack for men and for women.

Comes with a decent skin, and the womens includes prim lashes.

Sileny said...

Szentasha has under 30 days lingerie/sexy costumes

Sileny said...

Dilly Dolls now has an under 30 days pack (YAY!) that includes hair, skin, shoes, dress, and eyes.

Sorcha Trevellion said...

SilentSparrow have an under 30 day pack that has some male things in as well

PoeticColours have an eye pack and Kusshon have some furniture (same location)

Sorcha Trevellion said...

oh and Ivalde & Nyte N Day both have packs for under 30 day avatars too (both female only). Although I *think* all the Nyte N Day stuff is available to all at the Gnubie Store

Stacey Farspire said...

Your Mileage May Vary with the Gurl6 voucher. I filled one out for my main just a few days old, and close to six months later, I still haven't gotten the hair I asked for. I realize Six Kennedy may be a busy woman, but six months? With a promised 1-2 week reply? She needs to delegate out the voucher redemption to an employee or two.

Sileny said...

Stacey- I'm sure it wasn't intentional. Being a creator with a store about 1/5000th as popular as hers, I can say that note cards get lost. SL eats things like crazy.

Isabeau Reinard said...

I have to give a big thanks for this list. A lot of newbies come in to the store where I work, and I often give them this link. It's a great start for them, and it's a nice, easy way for me to let them know they can get good quality, LEGAL free items from creators, rather than gross freebie areas chock full of ripped items. Thanks again for assembling this list.

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