Saturday, 22 August 2009

TSM group gift, Hodgepodge opening pressies


This post is comprised of two cool things. First, opening freebie/dollarbies from Ana Boogiewoogie's new Hodgepodge sim (SLURL here). She's gotten together a great, creative, funky group of people, and the freebies are lovely. Also, in honor of the day, Sh*t Happens is having a big sale -- I got these stirrup tights there! If anyone follows Lis_Noir, Beatrix is really working on her awesome skins. The above is an opening freebie (girl fight, it's called)

Second, Helena Stringer sent out a hoooge box of loot to her "Stringer's Followers--Info Group" update group (do a search for that). Joining costs 100L, but she spoils the heck out of her group. This gift alone is worth far more than 100L, with six different hairs and two complete bunny sets with ears, tails and whiskers. (SLURL to The Stringer Mausoleum).

Sugarcube dress/TSM Cog mistress hair:
HodgePodge freebie/dollarbies:
***Jewelry: KCD Rainbow Dangle Earrings in silver, necklace in silver
***Dress: Sugarcube Pine Straw Dress (black)
***Eyes: HooT halftone eyes (freshness & decay)
***Skin: Lis Noir Pout Gurl fight
TSM group gift pack:
***Hair: TSM Cog Mistress in Cognac
Not free:
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Saturday Flats in black
***Leggings: Sh*t Happens pitch black cheetah print stirrup tights


HodgePodge freebie/dollarbies:
***Sweater: Sh*t Happens Opening Dollarbie - Abra Sweater (oops. I found it at this SLURL, which might not be the right one.)
TSM group gift pack:
***Hair: TSM Allegory - Pelorous
***Ears: TSM Spunk bunny ears, tail in Late Night color
***Whiskers: TSM Spunk Bunny whiskers in blue shine
Not free:
***Skin: Lis Noir Pout Blueberry Cream
***Leggings: Sh*t Happens pitch black cheetah print stirrup tights


HodgePodge freebie/dollarbies:
***Bodysuit: from Sugarcube Pine Straw Dress (black)
***Belt: (Elate!) Ana's Owl Belt
TSM group gift pack:
***Hair: TSM Pencil - deep drink
***Ears, tail: TSM Spunk Bunny ears/tail in S.E. Fire
***Whiskers: TSM Spunk Bunny whiskers - red shine
Not free:
***Skin: Lis Noir Pour Rose Cream
***Leggings: Sh*t Happens Cheetah Stirrup Tights, red


Naked dark elf, what the sh*t?! -- Let's just say that SL decided to take off all my clothing when I put on a darker skin to show off the OMMIK pendant set. I decided that it wouldn't be a Free*Style post without some boobies, so I took the picture anyway. The skin is by the awesome Ashia Tomsen.

HodgePodge freebie/dollarbies:
***Jewelry: OMMIK pendant and bead set (Citrine)
Not free:
***Skin: Idiosyncracy Drow Series


Helena Stringer said...

Hey guys, there was something up with the group, it's set back to normal now =)

Helena Stringer said...

@ Ach, thanks hunny, looks like you had alot of fun!

Bunnahs and demons forever!

Next project . . .

Demonic Bunnahs


Auntykuro said...

ooo yay! can't wait for demonic bunnies!

Anonymous said...

please give me teleport for red dreadlike hair :)