Friday 31 July 2009

Caught me a Noob!



That is me, well not me, sort of me.


I've recently made myself a Store Alt. It was getting really hard to be in as many projects, have all my satellite shops, my advertising groups and my own store groups. All in all it left me with 3 groups for my personal use and one open, some of the time. Most times I'm just grouped right out. A few fellow designers told me to start up a store alt. I mean we all have alts, I have 2 others, so I cap out at 4 now, but this girl was just for the store. It's a lovely idea.

So here she is, trapped in a cage at Tuli. A good place for any new avatar. I was checking to see if Tuli had released her new Resident packs yet.

Now as a Free*Style Blogger, I couldn't get past the idea of doing a big ass under 30 days hunt, my list I use to have is so old, it no longer really applies, there was like 3 shops that still had things.

This made me think, let get the info out there.

So the Month of August I'm hopping around with my alt, making posts on the blog. What I also wanted to do was encourage designers to set something up for new residents. I haven't even got something out! even tho I had always wanted to and meant too. So I'm working on my package as we speak.

So here is what I'm doing:

I made a scripted vendor package, which has a few different styled vendors that are scripted to give a package to Avatars under 30 days. I'm going to b giving it to any Designer who wants one, just post in this post that you want the package(it comes with the scripted vendors, the info and instructions) or send me a notecard with your request(I'm Helena Stringer remember?) and you can try me in IM, I'm almost always on, but notecards are best. I'm giving this package free to any who want it.

I'm going to compile a list of stores which have a package for Avatars for under 30 days. I'm looking for the scripted ones, the True under 30 day gifties! and Vouchers, like Diversity has.

Any designer that has an item, please tell me on this post, or get to me the above way, and I'll send my new avi out to your store. I'd love to have you all on the list.

I'll be reposting the list every week from now on, so EVERYONE can send their new friends to find it. I know there are lists, but I've had a load of a time trying to find them, and all my own are so old, it's not funny. I'm feeling my sl years.

I'm also going to make a plea

Things new residents need the most:

Skins-Specially Males
Shapes-Specially Males

and honestly anything Male specific or unisex. The men hardly ever get anything good, and I have found like 3 packs for them, only 3. I might just suck as a hunter, but for new people, they'd be even worse right?

Anyways that's from what I've seen and heard. Try to think of things that could work with many new styles. It's easier to wear black heels with anything then to wear pink ones. Easier to have the staple hair colours-Blacks, Browns, Reds, Blondes and Whites, then for a guy to try to work with Teal. It doesn't mean you can't throw those in, just think of the bigger picture when trying to make your new avatar pack.

Credits-The Avatar was made by Nylon Pinkney, it's called gamer girl and it's in your Inventory Library

So look forward to my alties noob adventures!


Sileny said...

I actually really like that skin and wear it sometimes. The raised eyebrow just rocks!

I would be willing to do a new av gift if you will send me the box. yeehaw!

Renee Harvy (Duh!) said...

Me want :P I've been meaning to set something like that up in the store for a long time now. My "been meaning to" list is about 100 items long :p

GM Nikolaidis said...

Great idea! I'll try to get that set up sometime this weekend.

Kirahfaye said...

Oh, yes, please! I just started working on updating both my girl/guy versions of the new players boxes I have available and would love to be able to use a system that allows only newbies to get it free!

Unknown said...

been waiting FOREVER for someone to do this, or something similar :)

Thank you.

Too bad my newest 1 month tomorrow :(

Unknown said...

Hi! This is great, i'd love to do an under 3 package. I create furniture and could do some nice low prim items :) Thanks for doing this, it's awesome!
Talia Fournier

Babylee Timeless said...

Hi Helena,
we have a package for Newbies under 30 days old in our main store with shape, skin, clothing and shoes. Pls be so kind and add us to your list. Thx
Babylee from B&T

Anonymous said...

that gamer girl is my favorite noob avatar, i wear her when i can't decide what else to wear =)

colleen said...

I'm an NCI Instructor, they have a newbie wall at thier Kuula location loaded with nice freebies for new SL'ers, complete avatars for both male and female. Check out Gurl6 I think they do hair vouchers for under 30 days.