Friday 31 July 2009

Love With All My Soul

I have been a long time fan of Love Soul. Basically whenever Love Soul comes out with a free gift I claim it to post a.s.a.p. even if I don't see it first; I know it will be awesome without having to see it. And I love buying things there because the prices are always affordable and the quality is some of the best in all of SL on every single piece. Plus they often have a lot of food related stuff so yay! :D

Anyway, Love Soul finally got their own sim and the grand opening is going on for the next couple of weeks. Every store on the sim is of the highest quality. I have a feeling it will end up being one of my go-to shopping areas.

Plus, every store has at least one item set at 0L or 1L. YAY! Except, don't go with an empty wallet because if you are anything like me you will see all the gorgeous, fairly priced clothing and will want to spend. (I am now the owner of only 4L. Sigh. Oh cute, cheap, clothes how you empty my wallet so!)

There are two stores that have not put out their gifts yet, but apparently they will be out within the next few days.

OH! And don't forget that Love Soul is one of the Creator's Stamp Rally vendors, so any purchase over 100L gives you a CSR card :D
I need a close-up of these shoes...yum!!!

And the hair I am wearing is the latest dollarbie from Vanity Hair. So cute!!
Note: All the items shown are available from various stores on the Love Soul sim. I am not going to give you individual slurls because I am mean and want to make you go explore the whole place >:D SO far the stores with gifts out are R2, Love Soul, SD Boutique, Parallel Love, Kiitos, Nala and Honey Soul.

Note 2: The Skin I am wearing is from Cupcakes and is a group gift. The group is 250L to join.

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