Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hal*Hina group gift, camp chair, and free items


This morning I wandered by Hal*Hina looking for some sweet lolita wear and found that the store had MOVED (SLURL to new store here)! The new store is larger and very nicely organized, with clothes, skins and hair each in their own section. While looking around I found a number of freebies -- lucky board hair (the pink, below), group gift hair (the sepia, above), a freebie bolero jacket in ivory and black, and two camp chair dresses in blue and ivory. Gah, so cute. One warning about Hal*Hina skins: people might not notice your adorable makeup unless you cover that boobage. :D


Free from Hal*Hina: (SLURL Here)
***Camp Dress (blue): Hal*Hina LightBlue Lace Dress W2512*L-
***Hair: Lucky board item, [sweet pink] hair lauren
***Socks: Hal*Hina [white] ribbon socks 1L gift
***Bolero: Group Gift knit Bolero B2203*G- comes in ivory and black
***Camp Dress (ivory): Hal*Hina ivory frontzipperdress
Free from Albero Accessories Fair: (SLURL Here)
***Necklace: Kotolier Marin-II unisex necklace (size S)
Not free:
***Skin: Hal*Hina S_07 anniversary makeup, Eyes pearl *wine* (old gift) (SLURL Here for other skins)

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