Sunday 10 May 2009

Running the relay in the name of fashion: Dahlindah Takes the Fashion Relay Baton

You really wouldn't want me to be part of a relay. I'm clumsy, I have big feet and I really, have nothing athletic in me. At all.
But seeing as this relay is about fashion, I'm more than happy to contribute my services.
Taking on from Rez And Tell's entry by Ashleigh Dickins, I was in a fluster at what to show. I thought of casual jeans, but I've never been a casual girl. I was at a war between the fantastic green tank Ashleigh featured from Genesis, and the wonderful braclets from Chuculet.
I always love featuring new stores, and I went with Chuculet. And wow. What an amazing find it was.
I headed to Chuculet and was blown away at the quality and amount of items in such a small store. Brackets, shoes, shapes....Total quality and no more than $1L each!

I literally bought the entire store. I blogged the store. Then went back and bough more. Crazy, but the quality is fantastic!

Taking on the bracelts, I decided to wear them in the black and white and silver varieties. I've never been a fan of gold, and I wanted to maintain a monochromatic scheme with the look.
I was really inspired by the design collage student. It's my desire to go to a design school or university, and I constantly see students on the train, with their sketch books and creative outfits.
So I started experiamenting with looks, and I'm pleased with the results. I would most certainly wear this outfit in the 'real' world.
So, if I can, I've called this one: Creative License.
The stunning backdrop is Sey's Mainstore. I lve the gloomy, old style setting that flows throughout the entire store.
I was inspired by some of Sydney's kitch nightspots, Paddington's boutiques and the juices of a creative mind.
Wear this MiuMiu style dress up or down, day or night, formal, casual or professionally.
Black and white will never leave the fashion cycle, but breaking the monochrome with a splash of sexual scarlet makes an outfit terribly exciting.
In this outfit, it's all in the details. The eyelashes, the necklace.
Body Card
Hair by Aden [Colleen in Black]
Skin by Curio [Moonbeam DARK Breeze Pure 2]
Shape by Dahlindah Destiny [Not for sale]
Eyes by Poetic Color Eyes at Kusshon [Christmas Freebie & Frozen Night freebie]
Eyelashes by [Glow] Studio [Avantguard- Eyelashes Abstract]
Style Card
Dress by Pink Outfitters [Silk Fluff Organza Dress-Red]
Leggings by M*A*ii*K*I [Long Legging Black]
Accesories Card
Glasses by Gritty Kitty [Prehistoric Glasses] (First picture)
Necklace by PERTURB/ation [P/a EDEN-Choker/BLACK+gold-]
Gloves by +plus [Biker Gloves ALPHA]
Corset Belt (Jacket Layer) by +plus [Corset belt in black]
Bracelets by Chuculet (Fashion Relay Item)
Shoes by *MINX* [Sugar Baby (P) in Red]
And now the baton of good fashion is being passed to ma fellow blogger, Anya Ohmai, at
Happy fashion-ing
(if that's even a word)
Ps. Thanks so much to Sasy for putting this challenge together <3


Sasy Scarborough said...

great look, I have those same lashes, they are fab.


Dahlindah Destiny said...

Thanks so much Sasy! <3

Unknown said...

ty soo much for blogging chuculet, and for making the bracelets the fashion relay item of your choice!

xxxx ty xxxx

<3 farah