Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I'm an Irish Girl

Kiss me, won't you? It's been soo long!! I've missed you lovelies! What better day to come on but St. Patty's, where I am Irish and you get to kiss me, and I get to peench you if you're not wearing green. ;p

If you head over to Addict, you can pick up some goodies, including this 'Kiss Me' shirt from the leprechan under the stairs.

My cute shorts are from the MG Fashion group. I looove them!! I had to pick up the adorable Sailor coat too (not free, but worth it). And my otter is from the *M* group, the owner is Mui Runo, so look it up though her. Thanks to the gorgie Vanity for the tip. :D you girly. 


Hair: Piper II by Maitreya (not free) 

Skin: Imagen (free from the hunt!) 

Pose by Imagen


Unknown said...

can I ask which hunt skin you're wearing? =P

♥ Abra Exonar said...

Yes Cold, I'm wearing the skin from the Imagen hunt, Creams posted about it below! :D

Unknown said...

yup yup =) I found some but I really like the makeup you're wearing - more subtle green and just the shade I'm looking for. Maybe it's my lighting? Do you remember which one of the 20 it is? Thanks so much!

♥ Abra Exonar said...

Hi Cold, I believe I'm wearing the new preview skin- #20. Hope that helps! :))