Monday, 16 February 2009

Choclit (Channeling Ames)

So my beautiful and talented Ames is giving up her blog. She's such a good writer too, but alas RL has the better of her atm. Soooo, because she *can't* stop finding good shit when she has the time, she'll be passing the info to me and demanding asking me to write on her behalf.

So this first one's from Ames. According to my email, she dropped this on me at about 6am, around about the time I was yelling at Mini Ash to get back to bed and *no* we couldn't go to the store to get ice cream FCOL. I present to you Magical Choclit Croissant Hair. You'll find this and the clothes shown here at Concrete Flowers. There's a whole wall of dollarbies, as well as a WTF wall, Creams you'll love it, unfortunately none of it was trans or I would have sent you something *special* :P The cute choker came from Kosh, conveniently located next door to Concrete flowers. There's a wicked scripted Neko set for free, and some really pretty dollarbie jewelery to be had. Thank you Ms Ames, heart you all over the place!!

ACDC, an Aussie tradition. Now you can wear em inworld thanks to Candace from Sweeter Than Candy, who sent this out to the group with the yummy boots shown. The pants shown aren't free, they're my faves though, you can find them at Axel.

Last but by no means least, this complete pack from Mayden Couture. The skin is included. It's very dark in tone, making a nice change from my favored "Death warmed up" choice of shade! There is some really heavy shading under the lips, which could have been made worse by my shape as it doesn't look as dark in the ad pics instore, best to try it on your shape to see how it looks. The makeup is beautiful though, and the body very nicely done. And now I'm off to get some chubby poses, as since making my shape bigger, I'm having "hands vanishing inside my body" issues. Yes, it's as painful as it sounds :P Ash Out.

Other Stuff That Wasn't Free

Lazy Places


Collar in pic 2


Anonymous said...

YUS! I knew that hair was all you! ;P
Now, if there was just some way to get that Rainbow Penis Lollipop in between those pouty lips... *bwahahahaha*

& yoohoo for the lads from AC/DC, who are gracing a stage over here in May... haven't squeeled my lungs out for Angus&Co. in like a squillion years!

Huggles Ash... get yerself together girl and get Mini-me that ice-cream when she needs it!!! :D

Jeannie said...

Ashia... Where is the Mayden pack? Looked all over the store and can't find it :(

sjd231 said...

It's on the coffee table as you go in - there are two packs - one pink (female) & one blue (male). You need to join the group then you can purchase them. They are both priced at L$1

Ashia Tomsen said...

Onoes Ames, there will never be ice cream at 6am unless she's well over 18 not living at home and can buy it herself :P Ossum tips <3 juuuuu

Creamy Cooljoke said...

OMG Ames nice finds and beautifully photographed by Ash.

I'm so there XD