Monday, 16 February 2009

Bruised Heart



Ohhh, exhale on the Valentine's Day madness. Another holiday loved and I'm happy it's over. It'll be
just a little quiet until the next one rolls around.

Little round up of cuteness...Rockberry's adorable Vain Hunt gift, Vel's Gothic Clothing dollarbie named Bruised, The Swansong's Mushroom Necklace, En Svale's knee socks...

Not free, but cute...Lya's new Valentina Boots, Poetic Color Eyes,  & Miriel's timeless Gibson Girl hair. Imagen poses.


Fê Barbagallo said...

So cute!! and what a beautifull eyes!!!

Bunnie said...

So adorable Abra! :D

♥ Abra Exonar said...

Piu & Bunnie <33 Thank you so much!! =D