Monday 13 October 2008

NTT Docomo Hunt

I featured the first hunt at NTT Docomo last year, I loved the hairstyles back then and now they are even better.

You are looking for 5 little mushrooms which contain a key, you must obtain each key and then go back to the start and touch the 5 treasure chests to receive the 6 hairstyles.


How to Play
When you arrive at the landing point click the sign to join the group


Grab the map under the group joining sign.


Go to each location to find the mushrooms shown above, you will be given a new map with each mushroom you find to help you locate the next one.

Here's a little hint where you can find one of the mushrooms.


Once you have collected all five mushrooms, TP back to the landing point, go upstairs and you will see the five chests, touch each one to receive the 5 hairs, you will also receive a 6th hair.


Massive, huge thankyou to the beautiful Coconutmilk Sorbet for letting me know about this hunt and for taking these helpful photo's.

Docomo3 Docomo4

Docomo5 Docomo1

Docomo2 Docomo6

The shorter styles are meant for the boys but they look really cute on girlies too. The styles are colour changeable with a click, the textures and styles are really beautiful. It's definitely worth doing this hunt.

I did it myself this morning, it was a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy peasy. One thing you need to know is when you land at the Panasonic Maze for the last mushroom, make sure you buy the Maze Hud (0L) and wear it so you can enter the maze (You click on the gate to enter to the maze). It is all in Japanese so it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what to do there.

TP to NTT Docomo to start the hunt.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

My gosh, you are just too cute in these photos xD

I thought there was only 5 hairs, where did the 6th one come from?

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Ohhh that's not me in the pics, that's Coconutmilk Sorbet. She's beautiful :)

The 6th hair you get as an extra when you touch all five treasure chests :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am really, sincerely confused. Their map doesn't make any sense. It doesn't correspond to anything on the world map. o_O I mean, there's the big sphere thing in the corner, but there's nothing below if you leave there! Does it correspond to more than one sim? Even if it did, the SE corner is just water, there's no mushroom there! I give up.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Awww dont give up anon, I found out after that SL on D List have listed locations of each mushroom if you are tired of hunting :) -

Anonymous said...

Got them all (except for the 6th) and I love them!! ^_^

How do we get the last one; is it supposed to automatically be sent or do I have to look for it? :D

Emperor Oyen said...

These hairs are so cute and it took me hours to hunt for them. And my big fat head can't wear them now...*dies* lol

Anonymous said...

it was the worse hunt i have ever been on never found anything and note card was only in japanese.

Cheri Pye said...

Anon, You don't need to be able to read Japanese to do this hunt, The notecard explains in English how to start the game!

The map and the landmarks in the notecard are the most important thing, as each landmark corresponds to a map and the crosses are pointers for where the mascots are (only 1 is touchable on each map).

If you don't understand something, it's probably better to ask rather than dis the organisers ideas with 'it was the worst hunt i have ever...' By doing that it ruins it for the people who enjoy such wonderful events & gorgeous prizes!

If you need any help Ask!

Anonymous said...

For the 6th hair:
Go back to the starting point, and head to the second floor. You will see 5 treasure boxes. Then click on a crystal on the right of the treasure boxes and teleport, when you reach the destination, you will automatically get the 6th hair.


EriYatsenko said...

I have to admit this hunt frustrated me a lot. The main area where the map and boxes are seemed very dark and even with my screen brightness on full I struggled to see clearly. Also without help I would never have found all the mushrooms. Some are in crazy places you'd never think to look.
I love a good hunt but only if it's 'fair'.
The places I visited are beautiful though.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I never heard about this hunt. And I joined the group and realized it is ended on October 31. I really want to have 6 hairs!