Wednesday, 8 October 2008

=(^_^)= Hai Lufflies

Pumpkin Girl

Hai there Free*Stylers! I'm Abra and I'm so happy to be joining the F*S team. I've been writing over at my (not free) fashion blog Better Imagined for some time and was thrilled when Creamy asked me if I would like to start blogging for y'all. ;D Would I? As if it was a question..I'm giddier than a lil school girl. yippie!!

I made my way over to the Ys@MALL Greece and found a shopping cart's worth of cute freebies for 'ya. I'm going to write about da loot in two posts. This is the Halloween post!

The awesome bon bon Pumpkin dress pictured above is from Pas de Deux and it can be yours for L$1. I personally love it as it's different from any of the Halloween dresses I've come across so far. (You can also wear it without the top 'poof', like a cocktail dress!) 


There is also a cute black version for a linden as well. The top is less poofy, and I was in the mood for volume so I kept on the top from the first picture. Double fun.

h-a-double L-o-double U-double E-n

These dice earrings were a gift from the A[zi:] lucky board. They are kyoot, especially with the Kurotsubaki hair and {frick} Halloween Skin.


Speaking of Halloween Skins, {frick} just released a bunch today and they are gorgeous & fun! All are under $30, and today I'm showing you the free/L$1 ones. This one is Shimmering Fae.

double boo

Fireworks skin: Hehe...ok ok technically not Halloween, but I had to show it anyhow. Hopefully you all haven't seen it before, but just in case someone is looking for costume skin. I could see this working with a few different costume themes. Particles optional.


Extreme Goth: This skin and the one below come in a 2 pack, so you can choose between hardcore goth black lips or softer maroon.

goul girl

prety goul makeup

Minimalist: One of my favorites, I find this to be soo pretty. ;)) I think I'll even wear this past ghoul day.

and pinker still

Green/Pink Makeup: Another not-so-Halloween-y makeup. But oh so cute, oh so colorful, oh so free. And if you're dressing up/are a fae or anything feminine this will work perfectly. Skin also comes with a natural lip option. (not pictured.)


Pink Glammy: For all the princesses out there, here's one for you. ;))

floss wahhh?

To finish up this post, I had to turn on my typing settings. This freebie typing-override comes from Suna's P-Shop. Cute lil pumpkins flying everywhere, just don't attach it to your pelvis as I initally did, unless you want pumpkins flying from your...anyway, of course this was an excuse to post a picture of me wearing Creamy's hilarious skin. Apparently I forgot to brush my teeth for, oh, 5 years. ;P

Thanks all for reading! There will be much more to come from me :))

xo, Abra

PS. KOOKIE SHOES HAS A 50% OFF SALE!! I completely flipped when I heard, as Kookie is not only a sweetie, she makes some of my favorite shoes in SL. I'm seriously going over there this minute to scoop up the new muggy's in brown, the boots I've been eyeing, heels, ahhh, everything in sight. There are times when a girl should restrain herself and keep her purse strings closed. This is NOT one of those times people! lmao ;)) {not free, but completely worth it}


{pic 1}
'pumpkin girl 2008' dress & headdress by Pas de Deux
'happy halloween' hair by Junwave [mini hunt gift] 
{not free}
'Lyla' skin in Smokey 3 by Redgrave
'Ballet Heels' in Black by *GiGi* shoes

{pic 2}
'Bon Bon Dress' in black by Pas de Deux
(top of) 'pumpkin girl 2008' dress from above picture
'Goth Green Makeup' skin by {frick}
{not free}
'Micky Dango' hair from BP*
'Ballet Heels' in Black by *GiGi* shoes 

{pic 3}
'Goth Green Makeup' skin by {frick}
'3Cx2dice' earrings by A[zi:] [lucky board prize, 3 minute change over]
'Halloween Hair' in black/orange by Kurotsubaki [group gift]

{pic 4}
'fae shimmering' skin by {frick}
{not free}
'diana' hair in black by Atomic Kitty
(worn throughout)

{pic 5}
'fireworks' skin by {frick}

{pic 6}
'extreme makeup' skin in black/green by {frick} (comes in 2 pack with below skin)

{pic 7}
'extreme makeup' skin in black by {frick} (comes in 2 pack with above skin)

{pic 8}
'minimalist makeup' skin by {frick}

{pic 9}
'green/pink makeup' skin by {frick}

{pic 10}
'pink glammy' skin by {frick}

{pic 11}
'creamy's f-ed up skin' by Creamy Cooljoke (f*s group gift)
'P-typing Halloween' typing over-ride by Suna's P-Shop
{not free}
'tripl ice dango' hair by BP* (see above for slurl)


Creamy Cooljoke said...

YAAAAY Welcome Abra, great post and you look adorable in that pumpkin dress, those frick skins are gorgeee too :)

Ashia Tomsen said...

Welcome <3

♥ Abra Exonar said...

Thank you ladies <3<3<3 ;D