Monday 2 June 2008

Freebie Love

Schmoopiness alert! Read on at your own risk!

I'll share a little background info about these pictures. The inspiration came about because of a Free*Style reader, actually. Last night, I met up with Ash at Heart Cupcakes for that most glorious of sales and G happened to be along. (In reality, I dragged him along because he has an uber computer and can use hover tips to seek out the freebies like lightning, lol.) I introduced G to Ash and I made some remark about my relationship with my fellow. Someone behind us chuckled and grinned. When asked about her grin, she simply said, "I read the blog and I feel like I know you all." It tickled me that someone actually payed attention to my epic saga-esque text around my pictures and links of freebies.

So, in case someone is paying attention, I will give a quick rl update and say that I finally had to fly back across the U.S. to go home and end the best two week vacation of my life with The G Man. I miss him desperately and one of the things we like to do in SL together is take pictures. Shooting these made me feel just a little closer to him, and I couldn't help but keep up the "vacation" vibe in the Numidia sim.

You're all gagging, right? Lol...I would be too. I have no idea how I got so schmoopy. And I promise, I'll be featuring more of your pictures and less schmoopfests when I get my head on straight. But on with the freebies!

One of my favorite people that I've met in SL is Raeva Ashley. She's a really cool, sweet chick and always has time to say hello to me if I stop by her shop. I ran into her today at the Cassiopeia Carnival around her shop there and she was just putting out two new dollarbie dresses. This one is called "Summer" and she's retiring it, so you best hop over to any of her locations to snag it before it's gone! The Candy House hair is available for $0L. The "Hibiscus Hair Pin" from Accessories by Eolande was free by virtue of winning a $75L gift certificate from one of the lucky chairs. The Rio Bella Wedge shoes are by Armidi (not free).

Before I describe G's outfits, I must disclose that these are his freebie finds that he worked hard to discover, lest he get cranky if it appears that I am taking all of the credit. He knows I love searching for great freebies, so he started getting into it too. G has on a tux from Vindi Vindaloo that is available for free at the much-blogged German Fashion Expo at Vanity Universe. His glasses are free at Lucky Card. Non-free items include his Abyss skin and Philotic Energy hair. The "More than Words" pose is by !Meya! ($250L).

This is "Marlena," Raeva's latest creation and yup - it's only $1L and it's so festive and fun for summer. The "Lady" bangles are free from Talisman, and the sculpted heart choker came from a lucky chair there. The "Sultry" version of Tuli's "Emily" skin in "Tanned" just came out today and there couldn't be more juicy red lip glossed lips in SL. The Sn@tch "Nail Candy" in "Blood" ($200L for the fatpack of 38 colors) perfectly matched the rose in my hair from SiniStyle that was $100L for two versions (with and without a skull) that change colors.

G has on a dollarbie tux from the previously-blogged and outright amazing Izumiya. The "Cover" pose is by Lost Angel Poses ($200L).

This dress is so unbelievably gorgeous and I was incredibly fortunate to get it from a lucky chair at Here Comes Trouble. It comes with two different colors and shoes. The "Kelly" skin is a dollarbie from Di Chantilly in-store. There is also a box of six skins right outside for $15L. The gray pearls are a dollarbie from Al Jewels. The flower in my hair is another color of the one shown above by Eolande and was also free from using a gift certificate from the lucky chair. (Can you tell I stalk them?) The "Marisella II" hair is by ETD (not free).

G has on a really nice free skin from Gaslights Emporium. His tux with tails is free from MIA and the top hat is also free, available at Curio Obscura. The "Emo Kiss" pose is by Long Awkward Pose ($100L).

You've survived the schmoopfest. YAY! Time for me to try to sleep.


Creamy Cooljoke said...

Awwwww swooon, you guys make me wanna PUKE LOL!

No seriously, a lovely post and it's great that we've got some guys stuff on here too :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Adaire

I hope you're back together with G soon.

I've been looking for the lucky chair at HCT but can't find it (did get some 1L hair though!).

Can you give us a hint as to where it is pls?

Soozie Nirpaw

olivia connaught said...

aw, yall are such a sweet pair. it almost makes me wanna wander out of my slspinster box.

Moni Criss said...

It is a very romantic picture!!:)

Anonymous said...

Awww! Maybe it's because i'm in a soppy mood myself because of my sl wedding yesterday, but just, oh the cuteness!

Great freebies, too :-)

Bella Baroque said...

i <3 yr shmoopy arse! hehehe. great find to you AND G-man, and i'm sorry the vacay had to end :(. at least you have SL, thats bound to make the distance easier than the old fashion way, i'd imagine. <<<<<333333

and lolivia, i thought we were clear. you are my mistress (shhhh.... sekret) and i'll give you good lovin on the weekends, but i don't want wifey to find out! or RL hubby for that matter, so stop whining and be patient woman!!! (JUUUUUST KIDDING FREE STYLE READERS!!!!)

Gecko Gorilla said...

Just wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments. I am sure you all are prolly gagging by now but the love we share is nothing to hide... I am very proud of my girl. The time she spends searching out freebies, taking pics and writing on the blog shows how much she enjoys both the readers and her fellow writers and now she has got me hooked on it too :) So Creamy.. you can expect a few more boi offerings seeing as Adi has outed me for the metro I am... but don't be fooled, I can still throw a beat down when need be lol

Adaire DeCuir said...

Oh my, rofl.


@Soozie - oops! Here's a more accurate link and I updated it on the post.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Awwwwww *swoons*
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡