Thursday, 22 May 2008

Scary Movie

Yo! Holla atcha's!

Another cool place to introduce you too today, this is becoming a bit of a habit of mine isn't it? I just love exploring. Four Yip sent me the LM to this brilliant place called REC, it's an imaginatively built Japanese creation, so much fun to explore and great for those who enjoy a bit of lighthearted RP too. Itny, Express Ashia and I went down there to check it out and model these fabby free tee's from Roll the Dice (details at the end of the post).

When you first arrive you will see a camera on the floor, you wear it and you get the effect of being in a movie, also you will find a fight HUD somewhere which enables you to be knocked down. It's really tricky to walk around in the right direction at first but you have to think about moving in a different way than you usually would in SL, (like you are playing a sort of platform game maybe). It's totally cool!

If you see an area with sparkles, this means it has an animation. Touch it and see what happens....

"Something wierd is happening to these girls, they've started to foam at the mouth...they were ok a minute ago, is it THAT time of the month?


Creamy suddenly turns into a deranged zombie, jumps up and attacks...



Express struggles escapes and hides in the wardrobe, but oh no, she's found him, he makes a sharp exit.


He puts on his scariest rooar to frighten her...


but she smells his fear and becomes insensed.....


...and pounces...knocking him out cold!


Creamy, Itny and Ashia chain up their prey, before devouring him feet first.... YUM!


Now they have slaughtered everyone, they think they should get out of this place to find their next prey.... but they canna get the bladdy doors open!!



OMG how much would I suck at writing a film script? That was almost as bad as Blair Witch Project.

Free Items worn
All tee's (unisex) and shorts worn were free from a brill new store called Roll the Dice. The freebie sign on the wall contains loads of unisex logo tee's, nails, poses, and other stuff.
Jeans - Torridwear (1L)
Creamy's hair - Hiccup at Starlust (free at the Starlust entrance, another free hair at the store too)


TP to REC to experience this amazing place, to get the full benefit, take some friends with you.
Big thanks to Four Yip for letting me know about it. So much fun!


Stephanie said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh my God, so cute this post!!!!!!!!!! \o/

Bella Baroque said...

LMAO!!! nice work Director Creamzcicle!

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Adaire DeCuir said...

Lighthearted rp?? You ate his FEETS!!

Fantastic find, Creamz! xx

Azia said...

hahaha! Looks like you guys had a blast!