Wednesday, 26 March 2008

got it bad got it bad got it baaaad

i'm hot for teacher!

[outfit - token (free); hair - truth, deanna (freebie from a week or so ago, may not be available); shoes - mary jane (free in a hunt around christmastime; skin - belleza group gift (available in notice archives. there are a few other skins there as well]

i was stumbling pretty aimlessly through my tangled wilderness of an inventory when i spotted a folder named "beige." just beige. my wtfness piqued, i opened it and found the above outfit -- navy pencil skirt, ruffled blouse, stockings, necklace, and the glorious glorious empire waist coat (which i accidentally discovered looks obscenely sexy with no shirt underneath). and as if all that's not enough, it also came with a snazzy bag and a pose:

and in the happy confluence of sl things department: the glasses! i opened mknaomi's fashcon notice as i was getting ready to take pics of my outfit.... they're exactly the sort my ma used to wear back in the mumbleties when i was small, and soooo perfect for the van halen video remake i'm conducting in my head i could plotz. join the mknaomi update group and grab a pair!

hm, if i were smart i'd have done a wilder sort of "after" teachery picture. oh well, this video'll have to suffice.


Tsu Dho Nimh said...

That's from a strange Japanese (?) sim - there were several outfits and some Pokemon style avatars around a ring road.

I really like the blouse.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Wow, you stylin' Miss Connaught, can you spank me with that ruler now for I've been norty.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

OMG, you WILL NOT believe this, 'Is This Love' just came on MTV, was that Van Halen? Oh no it was Whitesnake, same same :D

olivia connaught said...

tsu dho nimh (heh!) - i saw some of that stuff while i was hunting for the lm. it is a little strange... i think it's a corporate sim? i'll have to go back and run around some more.

creeaaamy - lemme fish in my giant purse for my educator's bdsm kit :D /swats yuo

gah now it's cheesy hair band day at my house

Anonymous said...

mumbelties!! the funniest word ive heard in ages!!