Wednesday, 26 March 2008

**Spring is in the air**

Hello friends, I've got a big mash-up of stuff for you today, mostly from Japanese stores.

MNK has 3 free gifts in store, including some really cute poses, a nice black belt and this printed free skirt with brown belt, the pics don't do this skirt justice, the print is lovely and it moves beautifully.


Big thanks again to Miu Elfen who found this cool worn looking denim jacket and lace tank top in the Magi Take Group, really liking the fit on this jacket.



Free black belt in store, (possibly unisex). The Strawberry Belt is an MNK group gift.

26-03-08_012 26-03-08_011
Olive Jacket - Prize Camp at DP YumYum

MNK Mocca Skirt, Animations and belt (Strawberry belt in group, msg dated 15/3),
Magi Take, Tank Top and Denim Jacket (Group Gifts, look in notice archives, they are the only items in there)

Here's more goodies found by wonderful Miu, these 3 free/dollarbie at Kuri Style, New Marrons House. The outfits come complete with the socks/tights. Most of the outfits in this store are around 50L and gorgeous!

The 'one piece dot' and 'one piece white' outfits can be found outside the store.


This 'one piece stripe' dress is inside the store and is 1L for a limited time (end of month) then it will go back to full price.

Dresses: Kuri Style, New Marrons House.

Now onto the hair and skin...

This short bob hairstyle with clip is the latest free gift from TekuTeku, you will find this on the counter next to a couple of other free styles for men and women. This is no mod but it is quite a full style so it's easy enough to fit if you move it about a little. The beautiful skin is a group gift from Rosemar, thanks to Achariya for alerting me to this one (as I presumed the group gift skins were the same as the skins in the Rosemar store.)


Junwave has a new free hair in store also, this style was a previous free gift in a darker shade. This shade is very nice too. The beautiful scarf worn is a group gift from The Closet, this was also on the Gridwide Egghunt but Bambi kindly issued it to the group for those who missed the hunt.


Bobbed Hair with Clip: TekuTeku (1L)
Longer Style: Junwave (free or 1L)
Creampuff Skin in Whisky: Rosemar (Group Gift).
Scarf: The Closet (Group Gift)
Olive Jacket: DP YumYum (Prize Camp)


olivia connaught said...

oooo i need that first skirt and that sweet retro dress and that little bob and and and

oh hell. all of it.

Anonymous said...

<3 CC's Closet <3 group is full of freebies! Hair, Skin etc :o

Anonymous said...

The Closet Group is closed enrollment. Can someone invite me, please?

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oh no! I was in the group already so just presumed it was open invite. I'm not online right now but I will check for you tomorrow.