Friday, 3 July 2020

SL17B Shop & Hop - Jubilant Sim - Gift Guide

SL17B Shop and Hop
June 19th to July 12th 

As many of you already know, there is currently celebrations going on in Second Life, as it is 17 years old.

To go along the normal Exhibit and Celebration sims, there is also a Shop & Hop going on. With 10 Shopping Sims, there is around 200 designers, all with booths that have all their items reduced, as well as a gift.

I might be late to the party(I've been busy homeschooling 3 mini-minions), but I have the time to cover all these gifts now, so will do so! If you are late like me, this might be able to help you pick and choose where you want to go.

Today we are covering the offerings at the Jubilant Sim

I am going to continue to use good old ebil alter ego Heli as our gift model throughout the rest of the gift guides. She did such a good job, and I sort of forgot how cute her avatar was.

As a base, Heli is wearing Hair/Hairbase from Adoness,  Head from LeLutka, Body from Maitreya, Skin from Belleza, Eyebrows from Jumo, and a custom shape.

FreeStyle - SL17B Gifts - Jubilant - 1

Left to Right

Sweet Kajira - Tanktop (3 Versions) - Legacy/Maitreya/Perky
Aleutia - Tshirt - Freya/Hourglass/Legacy/Maitreya/Perky
Bumblebee - Knotted Shirt (2 Versions) - Freya/Hourglass/Isis/Legacy/Maitreya/Physique

The TShirt from Aleutia is sort of fun, everyone gets to touch the gift bag only once, and you get a random coloured shirt. It is almost like a gift gacha, as the are transferable. The owners encourage trading in the store group, so if you think you want a different colour than what you got, then go right ahead and join!

Free*Style - SL17B Gifts - Jubilant - 2

Top Left - Miss Chelsea - Shorts w/Hud - Freya/Hourglass/Isis/Legacy/Maitreya/Physique
Top Right - Voz - Glasses
Bottom Left - Ingenue - Flats - Alice/Belleza/Legacy/Maitreya/Slink
Bottom Right - ChiC Buildings - Posing Hula Hoops

FreeStyle - SL17B Gifts - Jubilant - Paragon - Bento Dance

Paragon - Female Bento Dance

Free*Style - SL17B Gifts - Jubilant - 3

Long Left - Body Language - Whole Female Bento AO
Top Left - Seet Art - Static Bento Pose Set w/Prop
Top Right - Foxcity - Static Bento Pose
Bottom Left - Infiniti - Static Bento Pose Set w/Prop
Bottom Right -  Lyrium - Static Bento Pose Set w/Prop

Free*Style - SL17B Gifts - Jubilant -  SEmotions - Animesh Balloons

SEmotion - Animesh Pose Ballons

Free*Style - SL17B Gifts - Jubilant - 4

Top Left - FaceDesk - Columns
Top Right - [CIRCA] - Party Lights
Bottom Left - Laminak - Stools and Table
Bottom Right - ChiC Buildings - Reading Alcove

Free*Style - SL17B Gifts - Jubilant - 5

Top Left - Crowded Room - Wall Decor
Top Right - Inner Demon - Wall Neon
Bottom Left - Attic - Donuts
Bottom Right - Creazioni - Sculpture

At the time of me shopping at this, sim, there was one store that did not have a free offering. I am not sure if they do now, but it wasn't intentional to leave them out. There just was nothing for me to pick up!

Get your Gifts on the SL17B Shop and Hop Jubilant Sim Today!

Disclaimer - Photos were taken in Ultra, but with minimal or in some cases no shadows enabled. This was to show the products as is.