Thursday, 19 March 2020

Le Pank!!!

Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Le Pank!!!

I recently found out about this skin store Nebula.

I have always been a fan of Amesha's work over the years, following her 5 stores(Burning Chrome, Heartsick, Avea, Lumae and Ritual).

Well, the owner of Nebula is a friend of Amesha's, and they have struck out a deal, with Lux Nebula now owning rights to the 2018 line of Lumae Skins to use as skin bases.

I have always loved the skins that Amesha has made over the yes, as she offeres up not only human tones, but crayola colours for those of us that aren't typically "human".

She is just getting the store up and running but already has a fair amount of skins to pick from, with a range shade of normal tones, as well as the fun crayola coloured skins.

Today I am wearing the current group gift offer, which is a challenge for me, because I really do detest pink, and everyone seems to love to make pink group gifts. I decided to make it a challenge though, and Stringer it up. I think I did fairly well.

Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Nebula Skins - Faces

[Left to Right - Andromeda/Cerise w/Gloss, Cosima/Cerise w/Gloss, Andromeda/Cerise Bare, Cosima/Cerise]

For the cost of a Fifty Linden Friday Item, you can join the group and grab these two group gifts. They are worth much more than the group cost, and you'll have something fun to play with this spring season.

Each Skin comes with many options for different heads as well as breast options. Please look to the ads to see if your Body/Head has support.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Allegory in Night
Hairbase(BOM) - Shave Mah Head - Shaved Hairbase in Black - FREE on SLM
Mesh Head - Dream - Lisa Bento/BOM Mesh Head
Mesh Body - Slink - Physique Body
Skin(BOM) - Nebula - Cosima Skin in Cerise Tone - Group Gift (L$50 Join Fee)
Eyes(Mesh) - Xuxu - Milan Eyes 05 - FREE on SLM
Lipgloss(BOM) - B.Sinister - Gloss 0.1 - FREE on SLM
Tattoo(BOM) - Carol G - Drakos Tattoo in Black 50% - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Nailpolish(Applier) - Hello Dave - Dancefloor Days Wearable Demo - FREE on SLM
Dress - Beautiful Dirty Rich - Weekend in Bora Bora Dress - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Earrings - Maxi Gossamer - Marbella Majestic Earrings in Black/Silver - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Facial Piercing - The Stringer Mausoleum - Labret Piercing in Super Spike Black - FREE Instore Gift
Necklace - Since 1975 - Barewire Necklace in Silver - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Bracelets - Maxi Gossamer - Marbella Majestic Bracelets in Black/Silver - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Glasses - Since 1975 - GlamBlind Glasses in Silver - SLFO Group Gift (Free to Join)
Horns - Karma - Baby Horns w/Hud - Free on SLM