Friday, 27 March 2020

Group Gifts Galore at Belle Epoque

With recent real world events keeping many of us seeking entertainment in SL, there have been a lot of designer doing different things to keep us occupied inworld.

On of my favorite things when I have the time is a good old hunt, the harder the better.

Belle Epoque has set out two past store hunt series out, this time as group gifts. So if you missed the Valentines and Summer hunt from a few years back, there is you chance to grab the items.

The group only costs L$10 to join right now, which is nothing compared to the items you get. This will seriously explode you inventory.

While you are in the group, don't forget to pick up the Current group gifts(shown in the left picture). There are also some different notice groups that gifts are set out for. The SL Free & Offers one is actually new.

Not a bad way to treat yourself this weekend. The flowers are easy to find, the tears are a bit trickier, go good luck!