Saturday, 14 January 2017


Toridoshi means Year of the Rooster and I hope it's a good one!
There is a beautiful shrine at Neo Tanpopo with lucky boards and gifts to help you kick off this new year.

Sakka's Studio has two lucky boards up, one for the guys and one for the gals. They are a "one size fits most" mesh with an alpha layer for system bodies and each lucky letter has a ten minute timer. No group is needed, simply click the board when your letter pops up and claim this gorgeous turquoise kimono with origami cranes on the obi. I even managed to score the guys outfit and it fits too!
Be sure to check out the food carts and booths as you wander around this lovely build. Many little gifts and food items are available for free just by clicking.
The arrow I'm holding is a hamaya and it destroys evil spirits. Traditionally, it is purchased at the shrine and then placed in the home throughout the year. Kagemaru McMahon, the builder of this amazing landscape, has provided these for free at the Katakana Shrine. My shoulder pet is a niwatori doll compliments of Ginza Kohime. I think it is meant to be rezzed, but it was easier to get him up the steps to the shrine this way. 

No group is required for the lucky board that will reward you with these colorful fan earrings. The Sensu earrings by D R O P include five different color choices so you are sure to match your outfit. 

As I slowly made my way up to the shrine, I was able to reflect on how far I have come in such a short amount of time both figuratively and literally.

There's the journey and the destination and when both are special then you have something truly magical.

~New Year Gifts~

Sakka's Studio ~ [Oku-s] Oriduru Kimono TQ (lucky board, no group needed)
D R O P ~ Sensu Earrings (lucky board, no group needed)
KATAKANA Shrine ::Hamaya 2017 (0L, creator - Kagemaru McMahon)
*GJK*2017NIWATORI DOLL (0L, creator - Ginza Kohime)

Location ~ Neo Tanpopo

~Other Stuff~
Avatar Complexity ~ 37,968
Hair ~ Wasabi Pills
Head ~ VCO
Eyes ~ Mesange
Body and hands ~ Maitreya Lara
Shoes ~ Silvery K
Poses ~ Serendipity (gift @ 2nd Level)