Monday, 10 October 2016


Sileny reminded me that I hadn't done the hunt at the Nightmare event so I popped on over for a fun fright!

Growing up, my biggest fear was being trapped or Cleithrophobia, specifically trapped in a store at closing time. I still panic a little when the announcement comes over the loud speaker to "bring your final purchases up to check out."

Hair ~ Alice Project ~ Lyra ~ current MM board (125 slaps, no group needed)
Eyes ~ Aii ~ Trypophobia Eyes - Empty ~ (Nightmare Event Prize)
Skin ~ Pumec ~ Albino ~ group gift (free to join for limited time)
Make-up ~ Erde ~ eyeshadow Alli Catwa applier ~ (Nightmare Event Prize)
Bloody Lip ~ Quirky ~ I'm ok I promise Catwa applier ~ (Nightmare Event Prize)
Choker ~ Sinful Sky ~ Valentine Thorns Roses ~ (Nightmare Event Prize)
Dress ~ Apple May Designs ~ Gemini - Dangerous Black ~ group lucky board (25L join fee)
Pose ~ Poseidon ~ Nightmare Slasher 2 ~ (Nightmare Event Prize)

~Other Stuff~
Avatar Complexity ~ 26,403
Head ~ Catwa Annie Vampire
Body and hands ~ Maitreya Lara
Location ~ Nightmare Event