Thursday, 23 June 2016

Robot Study Hall

I'm proud to let me geek flag fly high, so of course I popped right over to Geektopia 1.0 as fast as I could. 

Almost every shop has a 0L-1L gift in a little green box. Many of these creators are new to me and have some amazingly geeky gifts. I also couldn't pass up the Geektopia exclusive eyes from Mesange at only 50L per color. 

 This SLB13 gift hair with headphones from Baiastice was perfect for my look and just when I thought there wouldn't be a June group gift from Stix, Pixy Snook set out this soft yellow version of Fauna with plenty of options and appliers to work with.

Lamp ~ Circa ~ "Game NerdZ" Merkaba Light Strand ~ 1L gift @ Geektopia 1.0
Wall Art ~ Follow Us ~ Geektopia - Special ~ 1L gift @ Geektopia 1.0
Bench ~ Lewd ~ TetriSleep (w/poses and color change) ~ 1L gift @ Geektopia 1.0
Homework ~ Atlanta Metro ~ Legal pad & messy papers ~ 0L gift @ Geektopia 1.0
Outfit ~ Day Dreamer ~ Magic (top and skirt are one piece mesh) ~ 1L @ Geektopia 1.0
Make-up ~ Awear ~ just words tattoo (many appliers) ~ 0L gift @ Geektopia 1.0
Eyes ~ Mesange ~ Antikythera Mechanism 2 ~ 50L @ Geektopia 1.0
Hair ~ BaiasticeListening Hair - Aqua Pink (all colors included) ~ SLB13 gift @ Collabor88
Skin ~ Stix ~ Fauna Canary ~ June/July group gift (free to join)

~Other Stuff~
Total Draw Weight ~ 33,926
Head ~ EVE'olution
Body, hands & feet ~ Maitreya

Helena, Sileny and everyone at Free*Style, thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful team.