Thursday, 2 June 2016

Fair Play - A Monthly Charity Event

Fair Play EC Poster V4 (698 x 1024)

I have blogged items from this event in the past, on the blog here, as well as offering the occasional blurbs about the event, but it was time to do a more formal posting.

Fair Play is a very unique monthly event, which is charity based. Every month, portions of the new products showcased are split equally between Relay For Life Of Second Life and Team Fox For Parkinson's Research. They also have this thing called a Team Gacha, which I have talked about before, where every designer makes one item to add to the gacha server. This creates a totally unique one-of-a-kind gacha comprised of a wide range of items.

Every so often during the year the event site changes, and the builds are based on different elements of games. Be they traditional or dipped deep in games of Humanity's past, the event offers a unique purchasing experience. This month is the last for the current build, and I have gotten the chance to see the new build for next month, and you wont want to miss it!

Find out more about the event below:

Fair Play Official Site
Fair Play Online Lookbook
Fair Play Flickr
Fair Play Inworld Location

Rescue me....
 Photo taken by Official Fair Play Blogger: Betwitched Difference

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AMaze! Searching for creators! 

Designers - Are you looking to add to your event lineup? Fair Play is looking for some new designers who create Fantasy & Gothic wares. For more information, please look to the Application HERE.