Friday, 22 April 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 has lifted the mists another year, with 14 new magical worlds popping up out of the sl waters.

Fantasy Faire is primarily a charity event, involving well over 200 of the best Fantasy Designers on the grid. While raising money for Relay for Life is a large portion of what the event is about, there is so much more, that sets this faire apart from your standard charity events.

There is daily music being spun by various DJs, Live Performances, guided tours of the sims live readings of stories; poems and the like, as well as roleplay opportunities, among other things. To view the sheer mass of things you can do at the faire, you really need to head on over to the Official Website:

I am an Official Blogger/Writer for the site, so look out for some of my unique coverage and stories there.

Want to see visually what some of the fuss is about? Some of your fellow SLers have created some videos, to show of a bit of the wonder you will encounter at the Faire.

Fantasy Faire Preview by

Fantasy Faire Teaser by