Monday, 21 March 2016

The Wash - Part 5

I have been enjoying my new "House" from Exposeur, and can't seem to take enough photos in it right now. It is actually a prop of just rooms all lined in a row and open faced, but when you don't have a home in SL, it is a wonderful thing. It comes with a bunch of poses in it too, so you can pose with the walls and entrances. Totally not free, but I thought I'd share, since I have been playing around with it so much.

Sn@tch is going to be changing their lucky boards really soon, I mean REALLY REALLY soon. So if you want anything from the 8 different boards that are currently up, you best be going now. The boards cycle fast, I normally get all 8 items in a 24 hour window, when I am fishing or just checking. Mostly because there is always people fishing and clicking them, but also because there is lots of  "?" that pop up.

The Starbound Jewelry went right in theme with my new dress from Emerald Couture. They are in this round of The Wash Cart Sale, and this dress by far has been my favorite item.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Helmet Hair in Mulberry
Hairbase - Adoness - Shaved Flora in Black
Skin - Stix - Aoife Skin in Butterscotch Tone/No Eyebrow - *NEW* @ Skin Fair
Eyes - Arise - Ley Eyes in Sunrise - L$59 @ Cosmetic Fair
Lashes - Natural Beauty - Lashes 6 - Free
Makeup(Whole Kit) - La Boheme - Cosmetic Set Pantone 5 in Rose Quartz - L$35 @ Cosmetic Fair
Hands - Slink - Casual Pose
Nail Appliers - Fanny Pack - Rainbow City Nails
Dress - Emerald Couture - Bonnie Universe Dress - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Jewelry Set - Sn@tch - Starbound Jewelry Set - Lucky Board (Switching Soon)
Bracelets - Moondance Boutique - Ceres Bracelets - SL Free and Offers Group Gift (Free to Join)