Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Wash - Part 2

The Wash Cart Sale always has a few Asset Creators that participate. Timeless Textures is one of the Veterans of the cart sales, and always have a stall full of textures to pick up. Now you might not be a creator, you might not have a house to redecorate, but if you like to take photos of you avi, a L$10 texture pack can be a cheap way to switch up your backdrops.

These are the options in the full pack.


Plant Ladder - The Artist Shed - Wall Garden - 5LI - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Statue - [Park Place] - White Marble Statue "Eternal Woman" - 3LI - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Wall Texture - Timeless Textures - Fairy Tale Cottage Hydrangea - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale