Thursday, 7 January 2016

SL Free*Stylist - Shop Free*Style Item of the Day: [CIRCA]

New GIFT @ Shop Free*Style! ~ [CIRCA] - "Harmony" - Double Glass Table - Teal

Shop Free*Style is coming up on it's 3rd anniversary, and it'll be getting an update, but until then, there are some awesome things you can still pick up.

There are many designers at the shop that no longer have a presence inworld, so this will be your last chance to ever get products from these designers.

That being said, Today's Item of the Day is by [CIRCA], which will be around with us for a while. [CIRCA] is also one of the sponsors of Shop Free*Style, offering us space to provide you with a place to visit.

If you like retro things and decorating, feel free to come pick up your copy today, it's only L$1!