Sunday, 10 January 2016

Limited Time Offer at Dilly Dolls

Dilly Dolls is a part of this week's round of 30L Saturday. It obviously is not saturday anymore, but due to a mishap, these will stay out all weekend, so grab them while you have the chance.

For L$30 you get 3 colours of these Anna Pumps in Teal, Grey and Yellow. They come with Slink and Maitreya compatible versions.

Many other 30L Saturday Designers still have their items out as well, so if you are interested in getting the list, you can nab it at Whatz. Might as well check out the Vintage Gacha Fair while you are here too, lots of gifts, and lots of gachas. Last day for that as well.


Footwear - Dilly Dolls - Anna Pumps in Teal - L$30 (3 Colour Pack)
Furniture Setup - [CIRCA] - Various items in the front of the store - Various Pricing

***Please Note - I am still getting use to my new computer, and I seem to need to sort out my sl shadows, they don't work the same as they did on the old computer. Bare with me , haha.***