Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Put a Ring on it

 I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful designer of Monarch, a new Jewelry store, that caters to those needing engagement rings. The mesh is all original, created by the one partner, who is a jewelry designer irl.

These rings are very interactive, with various metal and gem options, but also other little features, like being able to rename the rings after loved ones, embedding special messages to the person you gift the rings to, and having a special pose so that you can show your hand with the ring to your friends.

This is one of the group only gifts from Monarch. I switched up some of the metals and gems, so you could see some of the possible options. The Gift Board is set as a randomizer, so there is one of 3 rings you can win.


Hand - Slink - Splayed Hands
Nail Applier - Hello Dave - Jeweled Snowfall - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Ring - Monarch - Stone of Horses Ring - Group Gift (Free to Join)