Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Free*Style presents . . . Supa8 - Free*Style's 8th Anniversary Event

Free*Style Presents . . . Supa8
November 18th, 8pm SLT to December 18th 11:59pm SLT.

Sponsored by [CIRCA] Living and Digital Aura.


Sileny Noel and I, Helena Stringer, Co-Owners of Free*Style, are hosting an event, Free*Style's "Supa8", to celebrate the 8th anniversary of our blog, Free*Style..

We have always tried to incorporate the fundamentals on which Free*style was created on, in the things we do. So this event, we wanted it to be about working together, and making our SL experience a joint effort.

We have over 50 designers included, who have been working on items over the last few months.

There are many unique items that are the collaborated efforts of the whole Designer Lineup. We focused on 8 this year, so you will find all sorts of things, from spiders, octopuses, roller skates, octagons, and many other related things. These are all housed in a little Roller Rink, free to use for your pleasure.

Thank You for your many years of support!

Helena Stringer - Co-Owner of Free*Style
Sileny Noel - Co-Owner of Free*Style
and the Free*Style Blogger Team