Friday, 2 October 2015

A Sponsor Gift for you!

Shop Free*Style is situated on the Solaria Isle, with our plot being donated to us since 2013. Our sponsors have always meant a lot to us, and we try to help promote them whenever we can.

Digital Aura, who is one of the stores who Sponsor us on Solaria Isle, recently created a new gift for you all to enjoy.

Direct from our Sponsor:

"Hello Free*Stylers,

It's been ages since Digital Aura put out a new gift so to go along with the gift I'll impart a bit of news.  Digital Aura now has a new store location on Solaria Isle!  Yes, that's the Free*Style sim we co-sponsor with CIRCA.  The landmark is included with the gift so be sure to stop by and check it out while trying on your new ring.

The October Gift Ring - Aside from acting as a reminder that I still have a store the ring is a single dark silver band interwoven into two layers.   The ring is original mesh and is fit with a resizer script (click it to resize).  It's copy only permissions and it is free.

Here's a link to the Shop Free*Style Digital Aura vendor:

Enjoy your SL,

- Bats"

The ring is unisex, is set to your right hand, but you can easily copy it, and move it around. 

I decided since I was gong to be showing the ring, I might as well find you some nails to go along with it. La Boheme always has a few hunts going on, and October doesn't disappoint. This is just one of the offerings for the Good Reads Hunt, there is another set included, and each have various colourations all packed onto a hud. This hunt is free, a few of the other ones currently at the store are L$2 and L$4. TP to La Boheme to get started. There is a Hint list in the jack-o-lantern, if you get stuck.