Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Humpday Hunting - The Body is a Fortress Hunt

Hey Guys, today is something a little different for Humpday Hunting. I wont be covering a whole bunch of hunts today, but focusing on one single hunt.

The Body is a Fortress Hunt is ending today. It is a simple hunt, with very few stops all in the same area.

It is being hosted on the Relay for Life -Relay Weekend sims. 

You are looking for 9 little "Heros", each being something that helps fight cancer. As you go through the hunt, you will receive notecards, and each card has a picture of the next "Hero" so you will always know what you are looking for.

Your start location is at the Relay Hub HERE. You MUST get the hunt starter pack here, or you will have a very hard time doing the hunt, as there is more than 9 sims. You need the pack for the landmark to the first location.

The last "Hero" you find will have a notecard which has the tp to the gifts location. All gifts are located in one handy little building. As this is an RFL event, many of the gifts are purple, so if you aren't a fan of the colour, this might not be the hunt for you.

A sampling of the gifts are above, so if any appeal, feel free to get your hunt on.

RFL Relay Weekend Hub - Start the hunt HERE.