Monday, 15 December 2014


UPDATE: New vendors added!
  It's been years since I have held a photo contest of any type so I am super, super excited!  What is this?  Well, we want we to transform your person free style into a Silly*Style for Free*Style.  What does this mean?

  We want you to take pictures of you wearing/using/etc. items from the Silly Seven event.  We want to see your most fun, silly, creative, interesting pictures.  There are items at the event for every price point, even free things, so if you want to try the contest you don't have to worry about not having enough Ls to join.  You don't have to be a Photoshop wizard, we will accept pictures whether or not they are edited.  Attempt to be better than my awful advertisement making skills and you could be a winner, haha!

You must add your photos to the special Flickr pool HERE.  If you don't add them I can't find them!

There will be prizes from the following brands:

Alice Project
W.Winx & Flair
Zanzibar Creationz
Buttery Toast
Weaponized Sugar
Beautiful Freak Cosmetics
Lamu Fashion
TD Designs
Azhara Boutique
Genesis Creations
Naked Mesh
Sweet Sacrifice

  There may be more stores added or subtracted.  Real life happens so who knows what may occur?  Either way there will be tons of gifts and I will update this if things change!

 The judging will be done on a point system, mostly because I have been watching Top Model and that idea is stuck in my head.  Below are how points will be given:

                                                    Number of Points: 

Creativity:                                   Up to 5
Silliness                                      Up to 5
Quality                                        Up to 5
Number of Items Used               One point each, up to 5
Number of Brands Shown          One point each, up to 5

Additional Rules:
  *This contest is open to anyone who is not a current or former blogger for Free*Style or a vendor at Silly Seven.  Anyone else is welcome to join!
  *You may submit up to four different entries.  Each photo must be significantly different from the others if you choose to submit more than one.
 *You MUST have photo credits available in the description somewhere easily accessible.  This means directly in the description or in a link to a blog or something.  We need to find the credits!
 *You need to label the photo something like "Silly*Style Photo Contest," "Free*Style Silly Seven Contest," "Silly Seven Photo Contest Entry," or something similar to let us know that you aren't spamming the group and it is indeed an entry.
 *Your photo will be shown and linked on this blog so it has to be possible to do so on the photo permissions.  If your photo is set to permissions where I can't link it, download it, or legally show it on another blog then I can't.
 *Nothing NSFW!

Thanks for checking this out, hope to see what you can do!  Once again, the Flickr link is HERE.