Monday, 4 August 2014

Lunch Date

  OK so this post is just a bunch of random.  I was wearing this outfit and decided it needed posting even if a lot of it is older or is stuff that has been posted before.  I am in the middle of lots of things so not a lot of chatting today, just posting.  Have fun!
lunch date_003
lunch dater 2_00 lunch 1
lunch details
  OK so the food I got excited to find in my inventory and when I went to find the credits it seems the store is not anywhere.  I don't know if I am just not finding it or what but just in case there is something shady going on with the store I am not going to credit it until I find out.  Sorry!
Glasses: Meshdol, 10L
Pose: Hopscotch @ Shop Free*Style, 5L, includes other poses too
Shoes: L. Warwick, SL Free&Offers group gift SO MANY MORE GIFTS TOO OMG GO NOW
Shirt Dress: Coco, group gift, been blogged before a couple of time lol
Skin: Birdy, group gift, also been blogged before, omg Sileny stop with the old stuff posts
Pocket Protector: Croire, 10L
Purse: Azoury
Eyebrows: Adore&Abhor, part of a makeup pack
Pants: Somnia
Table and Chairs: KIDD @ TGGS, hunt gift
Hair: Ploom
Food: (See note above)